Does Page Load Speed Improve Your Website Ranking?
I can Speed Up Your Website In As Little As 72 Hours
By boosting your website load speeds. Using our expertise my team can optimise your website to load a lot lot faster.
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How? I hear you ask...
Faster page load speed means more sales and Google love for you resulting in higher search engine rankings for your website
I’ll optimise your website to load faster for your users. Look around you every day and you can see everyone is accessing the web from mobile handsets. So Google wants a faster web, just like browsing through a magazine.

When your website loads faster Google will reward you with Google love and higher rankings. This can lead to more browsers on your site and more browsers can mean more clients...

Imagine jumping a few places ahead of your nearest competitor. Don’t you think a higher ranking website will bring you more business? You’d better believe it.

Having a faster more responsive site means your customers and prospects will buy more from you because you’ve taken the time to think about their experience. Google thinks so too!!!

It may take my team a few hours to optimise your page load speeds. This can lead to improved rankings. Depending on how busy we are we should complete your order within 7 days. I charge a straightforward one off fee for this of £197.
If you ask a regular programmer or your web guy to do this it would cost significantly more. Thats if they could do this. I have access to systems that allow me to make this offer at an unbeatable price.
By now you’re probably wondering why am I willing to charge so little? Simply to introduce myself to you and gain your trust and loyalty.

You’re going to love my other services I have planned for you. But for now to get our relationship off to a good start enter your details below and lets get started.
If you visit Google Pagespeed Insights Tool you will see something like this:
I can help improve your website score on the Insights Page
For now, I’m certain you will be impressed and pleased with the speed boost you will be receiving.

If you prefer a faster turnaround time of 72 hours or less you can upgrade your order to VIP status for £297.
Act now to secure this great deal and speed up your website as I cannot guarantee this offer will remain at this price for long. If you are reading this it means this is still available.

However I reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time and charge the full market price.
All you have to decide now is if you want the regular deal or to go for the VIP superfast 72 hour turnaround.
I’m certain you will be impressed and pleased with the speed boost
About me
I’m Gish Singh-Kular. I’m a local marketing expert and Business Coach. I am the owner of Big Buddha Marketing based in London UK. I service clients all over the world.

I stand on my honour and integrity. I have a no nonsense approach and efficient systems to Speed Up Your Website. Plus as a local marketing expert I don’t stop at merely working on your website.

My focus is on helping you drive the profitability of your business. When you see what else I have available you will be glad to be working with me. This offer is an introduction so you can get to know, like and trust me. So we can build a long business relationship.

Note: Always ensure your website files are backed up before allowing anyone access to change/update them.

Also, a suggestion - Temporarily change your Cpanel password for us to work on your site and change it back when we are done. this is for your peace of mind.
Prices start at £197 for 7 days turnaround

Or GO VIP and jump the queue for superfast 72 hour turnaround for £297




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I confirm I have backed up my website files prior to allowing Big Buddha Marketing access to my Cpanel.
Big Buddha Marketing, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, CITY OF LONDON, London EC1A 2BN